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Inter-casing pressure defined

  • Measurable at the wellhead termination of a casing annulus

  • Rebuilds after having been bled down

  • Not caused by wellbore temperature fluctuations

  • Also known as Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP)

  • Unintended pressure in a contained annulus resulting from pressurized formation fluids (liquid/gas)

What causes Inter-casing annulus pressure?

  • Microfractures in cement

  • Poor bond between cement and steel

  • Corrosion and cross communication

  • Repeated pressure cycles

Why ICP Is Important
  • Well integrity issue

  • HSE issue

  • Loss of primary barrier envelope in the wellbore containment

  • H2S and CO2 damage steel and cement

  • Up to 38% of the worlds oil and gas wells are affected


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