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Our innovative and novel solution is under Patent Pending

We have a team of experts with many years of practical oil and gas hands on experience.

We are based in Calgary, Canada and have operational capacities worldwide.

Inter-Casing Pressure Control Inc was founded in 2019 to address the worldwide issue of increasing annuli pressures in oil and gas wells.

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Who We Are

1 Stan (v2).jpg

Stan LaMascus

Well known as a successful innovator and businessman in the upstream oil and gas services industry, Mr. LaMascus is the founder of Inter-Casing Pressure Control Inc. (ICPC).

Phone: +1 (239) 310-1040

2 David.jpg

David Barker

Mr. Barker holds a BS in Petroleum Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration.  He has worked in the upstream oil & gas industry for over 35 years, with the last 18 years in international companies.  He has held various senior level positions in publicly traded companies.  Currently, Mr. Barker serves as the General Manager of the ICPC Kazakhstan subsidiary.

3 Robert.jpg

Robert Manson

A Certified Professional Geologist, Mr. Manson has over 40 years of experience in management consulting and the international oil and gas industry. His focus at ICPC is new business development. 

4 Jeremy.jpg

Jeremy Hollan

With more than 19 years of oil and gas experience, Mr. Hollan has been heavily involved in unconventional well completions from both an operation and a new technology development standpoint. Mr. Hollan is in charge of Global Operations for ICPC.

6 Mohamad.jpg

Mohamad Elrefai

Mr. Elrefai has more than 18 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. With a degree in Petroleum Engineering, Mr. Elrefai has extensive experience in Well Integrity Management. He developed the first unique Artificial Intelligence Platform with Deep Well Integrity Data Analysis.

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