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About Inter-Casing Pressure Control Inc.

Management of Inter-Casing Pressure for the Petroleum Industry


How it Works:

  • We introduce an environmentally benign, North Sea approved, Heavy Fluid into the target annulus via our unique "Patent Pending" process.

  • The heavy fluid has been formulated to sink and displace gas and other fluids.

  • Over time the annulus reaches hydrostatic balance.

  • Pressure problems are cost effectively managed for the remaining life of the well and the well production remains uninterrupted



  • Very cost effective compared to other solutions which may require stopping well production and removing tubing from the well.

  • Our heavy fluid has undergone multi-species toxicity testing, biodegradability, and bioaccumulation assessments and has been assessed as Gold rated for use and discharge offshore North Sea under the OCNS (Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme) CEFAS Regulations. A Gold rating without any “Substitution Warning” is the foremost level of approval and reflects our fluids benign profile.

  • Our unique fluid injection process is Patent Pending.

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